Fixing my calves

So my very cute podiatrist has given me a bunch of exercises, amoung other things, to help stretch and strengthen my calves. Because basically they are too tight and are screwing up my feet.

By the way, I was also wearing the wrong shoes so now I have the right brand fit for my foot, I’m hoping the blisters will be a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, here are my exercises and I’m publishing with full rights acknowledged and all copyright to Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy.


Ok, so that one is the one I have to be able to do 30 in a row before I get running again. I said ‘how many do you do?’ and she was like ‘I don’t do them, too hard!’



So I was like, what, I’ve got to do this for three minutes?? And yeah, it’s a little painful.



I was sort of doing this one already but clearly not properly, because doing it properly hurts like a really big hurty thing.


This one is equally unpleasant. I didn’t last 20 seconds.


This one I’ve been doing for a while as well. It just hasn’t been doing too much because of the other issues.

So, lucky she is very crushable because this shit hurts to do!

Run Y’Ass Off!!